Workshop 2017 «Technologies for Monitoring and Treatment of Contaminants of Emerging Concern»

"Innovation ecosystem: central driver of sustainable water management", Victor Monsalvo - FCC Aqualia
"Observations during the development of a method for the analysis of emerging contaminants" , Jukka Pellinen - University of Helsinki
"Advanced Oxidation Processes for Raw Hospital Wastewater Treatment: Pharmaceuticals Fate", Isabel Pariente - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Highly efficient depletion of persistent pharmaceutical compounds by well-defined carbide derived carbons", Silvia Álvarez - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
"Application of graphite to fotoassisted CWPO process for ibuprofen degradation", Alicia Loreto García - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
"Evaluation of catalytic wet air oxidation, Fenton and photoFenton systems for the treatment removal of a real hospital wastewater", Fernando Martinez - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Assessment of the transformation of micropollutants in surface water and wastewater", Debora Fabbri - University of Torino
"Efficient removal of bisphenol A by adsorption onto carbonaceous adsorbents", Ana Belén Hernández - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
"Testing toxicity of endocrine disrupters on development and reproduction of freshwater Ostracoda", Álvaro Vázquez - Universidad de Alcalá
"Catalytic hydrodechlorination of diclofenac", Julia Nieto-Sandoval - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
•"Photocatalytic degradation of atrazine in aqueous systems", María José López - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Emerging Contaminants: Risk and Challenges for Water Quality in Iberian River Basins and Plant Uptake. Solutions with Advanced Treatment Technologies", Damià Barcelo - Catalan Institute for Water Research
"Abatement of recalcitrant pollutants in water with a hybrid system ZnO-based materials and enzymes", Marco Sarro - University of Torino
"Active membranes for retaining non-polar water pollutants with intrinsic resistance to microbial colonization", Amariei Georgiana - Universidad de Alcalá
"Development of photoassisted processes with ilmenite for treating hospital wastewaters", Gema Pliego - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
"HR- and SR-AOPs for micropollutants removal and disinfection of urban wastewater", Jorge Rodríguez-Chueca - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Monitoring strategies for micropollutants in a municipal wastewater treatment plant", Bertram Kuch - University of Stuttgart
"Removal of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Genes by Full-Scale Sulfate Radical Based Advanced Oxidation Processes", Javier Marugán - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Microbial Electrogenic Technologies for the removal of emerging pollutants from wastewater", Álvaro Pun - Universidad de Alcalá
"Boosting the activity of magnetite for the CWPO of pharmaceuticals in environmentally-relevant water matrices", Macarena Muñoz - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
"Perovskite materials for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of carbamazepine in hospital wastewater matrix", Ana Cruz - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Microbial Electrochemical Technologies (MET) and the energy-water nexus", Abraham Esteve - Universidad de Alcalá
"Photo-anaerobic membrane bioreactor for the treatment of synthetic wastewater contaminated with emerging pollutants by phototrophic bacteria", Daniel Puyol - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Removal of pharmaceuticals from hospital wastewater using an activated sludge process", Francisco Ojembarrena - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
"Ecotoxicological effects of hospital treated wastewaters and pharmaceutical metabolits on Daphnia magna and Chlorella vulgaris: an integrated experimental approach", Andrea Castaño -IMDEA Water
"Evaluation of emerging fungal, purple photobacteria and microalgae cultures for removal of pharmaceutically active compounds in hospital wastewater", Raúl Molina - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
"Treatment of micropollutants by biologically-based technologies and other experiences", Ángel Encinas - FCC Aqualia