ANQUE·ICCE·BIOTEC 2014 – Congresses on Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

BioReSIM: A computer program for identificacion and simulation of biological reactores in wastewater treatment” – R. Molina, M.I. Pariente, I. Vasiliadou, I. Rodríguez, F. Martínez y J.A. Melero

– “Photocatalytic treatment of Arsenic in Aqueous Solution with Sulphated TiO2” – M.J. López Muñoz, A. Revilla y C. Márquez-Álvarez

– “Relationships between structure and catalytic properties in hydrotreatment reactions by using catalysts based on size-controlled nanoparticles” – J.A. Baeza, L. Calvo, Y. Zhao, L. Lefferts, J.J. Rodríguez y M.A. Gilarranz

– “Combination of catalytic hydrodechlorination and oxidation processes (HDC-CWPO) for the treatment of organochlorinated wastewater” – M. Munoz, Z.M. de Pedro, J.A. y Casas y J. J. Rodríguez

Study of the deactivation of a Pd/AC catalyst in the hydrodechlorination of MCPA” – E. Díaz, A.F. Mohedano, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Selective oxidation of glycerol with H2O2 catalyzed by Fe/Al2O3” – E.J. Gonzales, E. Díaz, Z.M. de Pedro, A.F. Mohedano, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Removal of organic matter present in pharmaceutical wastewater by aerobic biological treatment” – S. Álvarez, J.L. Sotelo, A. Rodríguez y J. García

– “Removal of caffeine from ultrapure and pharmaceutical waters by adsorption onto a mesoporous carbon” – S. Álvarez, J.L. Sotelo, A. Rodríguez y J. García

– “Enhanced Fenton oxidation by visible LED light irradiation” – G.Pliego, P. Garcia-Muñoz, J.A. Zazo, S. Díaz-Rullo, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Carbon black catalysts for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of phenol aqueous solution” – J.L. Diaz de Tuesta. C. M. Dominguez, A. Quintanilla, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Nitrate reduction with Pd catalysts supported on pillared clays” – C.B. Molina, A.H. Pizarro, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Fluid dynamic study of the PP-WAO process in fixed-bed reactors” – C.Garcia-Figueruelo, R. Smith, A. Quintanilla, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Combination of catalytic hydrodechlorination and oxidation processes (HDC-CWPO) for the treatment of organoclhorinated wastewater” – M. Munoz, Z.M. de Pedro, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

SPEA8 – 8th European Meeting on Solar Chemistry and Photocatalysis: Environmental Applications

– “Synthesis and Characterization of Brookite-based Materials:  Study of Phase Transformations by Thermal Treatment” – M.J. López Muñoz, A. Revilla y C. Márquez-Álvarez

– “Photocatalytic oxidation of arsenite in aqueous solution by titania and titanate materials” – M.J. López Muñoz, A. Revilla, I. Iglesias y N. Potenciano

– “Modelling of the Oxidation of Methanol in a Tubular Slurry Photocatalytic Reactor by Computational Fluid Dynamics” – J. Marugán, C. Casado, R. Timmers y R. van Grieken

– “Preparation of Titanium Dioxide Coatings by Plasma Spray Process onto Titanium Foils” – C. Adán, J. Marugán, R. van Grieken, K. Chien, L. Pershin, T.W. Coyle y J. Mostaghimi

– “Design of a Prototype Photoreactor for Standardised Photocatalytic Activity Test using a Computer-Controlled UV LED Light Engine” – J. Marugán, C. Casado, R. Timmers, A. Sergejevs, C.T. Clarke, A. Beasley, D.W.E. Allsopp, C.R. Bowen y R. van Grieken

– “Photoelectrocatalytic Activity of Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes Electrodes for Metanol Degradation and Escherichia coli Inactivation” – C. Adán, J. Marugán, P. Misis, C. Pablos y R. van Grieken

– “Photocatalytic Inactivation of Escherichia Coli aqueous suspensions in a Fixed-Bed Reactor” – O.M. Alfano, A.E. Cassano, M.L. Satuf, J. Marugán, R. van Grieken y C. Pablos

EU-ISMET 2014 – 2nd European meeting of the International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology

– “How are MET in bed? From fixed to mobile” – A. Esteve Núñez

– “Microbial desalination cell using an alternative electron acceptor in cathode chamber: experimental results and theoretical behaviour” – J.M. Ortiz, A. Esteve Núñez, L.Z. Borjas Hernández, E. Maneiro y A. Larrosa Guerrero

– “Comparison of microbial communities at full-scale hybrid Microbial Electrochemical Constructed Wetlands (METlands) for urban wastewater treatment” – . Bacchetti de Gregoris, M.A. Aguirre Sierra, A. Reija Maqueda, A.Berná Galiano, J.J. Salas y A. Esteve Núñez

– “The heme network: Uncoupling charge and discharge mechanisms for planktonic cells of Geobacter sulfurreducens using a Fluidised Bed Electrode” – S. Tejedor, J.F. Rodrigo Quejigo, A. Berná Galiano, P. Letón García, E. Maneiro, P. Icarán y A. Esteve Núñez

– “A new concept in METlands: assessment of vertical flow electrogenic biofilters” – M.A. Aguirre Sierra, C. Aragón, A. Berná Galiano, A. Prado de Nicolás, J.R. Pidre, J.J. Salas y A. Esteve Núñez

META2014 – XI Reunión de la Mesa Española de Tratamiento de Aguas

– “Diseño de Reactores Fotocatalíticos para el Tratamiento de Aguas mediante Modelos de Fluidodinámica Computacional” – J. Marugán, C. Casado, R. Timmers y R. van Grieken

– “Combinación de procesos de hidrodecloración-CWPO en el tratamiento de aguas con clorofenoles” – J.A. Casas, M. Munoz, G. Pliego, Z.M. de Pedro, J.A. Zazo y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Eliminación de MCPA presente en aguas residuales mediante hidrodecloración catalítica: evaluación de la actividad y estabilidad de catalizadores de Pd” – E. Díaz, A.F. Mohedano, J.A. Casas y J.J. Rodríguez

– “Modelado cinético de un reactor biológico SBR para el tratamiento de aguas residuales de industrias fitosanitarias” – R. Molina, M.I. Pariente, I. Rodríguez, J.A. Melero y F. Martínez

– “Eliminación de cafeina mediante oxidación húmeda catalítica” – S. Álvarez, J.L. Sotelo, A. Rodríguez, E. Bianchi y J. García

– “Eliminación de contaminantes emergentes mediante adsorción empleando xerogeles de carbono” – S. Álvarez, J.L. Sotelo, A. Rodríguez y J. García

– “Tratamiento de aguas contaminadas con arsénico mediante fotocatálisis heterogénea” – M.J. López-Muñoz, A. Revilla, A. Garnica y C. Aperador